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Oh oh oh ohhhh hhhhi petrichor the ruler! And btw I just took a pic


Oh! Thanks!


“Haha HH don’t inflate his ego that much lol. Why’d you take a pic? Nice drawing btw.” – Fearless

And you’re welcome :)


Tell fearless I say hi!


And I took a pic to post it here


Haha lol okay.

Fearless says “hi to you too”


Ok! Thanks!
And how are you communicating with fea?


Yeah no prob

We’re sitting next to eachother. We have a study rn
We know eachother irl and I basically live at Fea’s house (super long story)


Ahhhh ok well tell him I miss hearing from him


Fea’s a they. (You should prob correct that)

And I told them that. They said thanks


Oops ok sorry
Tell them that I miss hearing from them


Lol they said it’s fine.
And also said thanks for fixing that. And in response to the actual thing, they said thanks


Yup ok I’m going to go make mascarpone cream or in Italian ‘crema di mascarpone’


Oh cool.

Have fun

Cya later


Ok back
Num num delish


@CTS are you on?


5 tubs, 15 organizers, 2 shelves, and a bedroom floor… yup I’m drowning


Hi are you on
Yf tyjeeqoutehdetgedouheudquluthedkEhd uo


I need to send a virtual hug to that kitteh.


Me too! I sometimes use Adobe Photoshop Sketch but it doesn’t turn out good