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Nonono sky tech demon


probably not (our concert is in a week anyway) but yes we’re all actually like half deaf



that was fun thanks


Now save!


Can I just say that schools can be really dumb sometimes?
— The opinion of somebody who has never been to a public school


What icon is that?


you don’t go to a public school? (i would say lucky but i love my friends, and the feeling of being one person in a rushing crowd, or the smell of pizza halfway across the school, or sliding down railings, or eating muffins in the hallways, or sarcastic teachers, or huddling with friends during winter fire drills, or the huge band, or standing outside and freezing before school, and everything else)


idk honestly lol i know nothing


What’s your username


ThinderBird :slight_smile:


No, I’ve been homeschooled all my life
It can be boring and lonely sometimes because my brother never wants to do anything with me
That’s why I’m on here 24/7

Me too but I bet homeschoolers get sick less than public schoolers

Kids say our school’s pizza is horrible lol


I sent u friend weqwest


Go to title screen


oh. ours isn’t that great, but i love it anyway lol


I play the violin. How many of you play horns or trumpets and stuff?


ME!! (Lol music is awesome)


I play the tuba
It’s great


I actually play violin and piano.