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No ur good
Here @MewtwoCreator


It’s wonderful ty
It make so much sense


Also, in the project, an asterisk means that it’s required.

@mewtwocreator @tankt2016 @cts @gobli09 @itzmya @fearlessphoenix @paige1212 @fizzy_27


Wow look at this foot

I draw this foot


You draw goooooooddd foot


Hey guys should I make a seperate topic where we can talk about POL or something

We could share ideas, theories, and I could post some character art and posters on there every once in a while

I’d hold contests, polls, and put announcements up too

And we can share our favorite panels

my friend recommended it

It’s ok if no, just asking

  • Yes CTS! Make a POL Topic!
  • No CTS! No one wants that!
  • Nah

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Tag List



I say yes
Oof I was looking at mashups for undertale
Like Undertale x gravity falls

Why is it always Bill cipher with sans or Bill cipher as sans
Maybe it’s the glowing eye thing




But would it be before or after one of the route endings
And what route


I’m gonna draw bill sans now

Because I can


Bill sans looks amazing
Someone made him and they did him well :o


Anima Stella


Hey @CTS, can you add me to your tag list?


Oof I just had deja vu so weird


What does this mean?


Yay I finally get on someone’s tag list
An accomplishment that has never happened to me ever

  • Hooray


Hey! I finished your pfp thingy!


I got the forum on my phone! :3


I am crying tears of joy rn



I found it while watching YT