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My cousin might outshine you
I gave like fifty to her


Ok tankt2016’s cousin lets go


Um she’s four lol
But I gave her like two huge plastic bags of stuffed animals in November


excuse me? i have over 80


i think i win this fight


Ha I had 100 I bet when I was little

I bet I can beat you in my little ponies


of course you can cuz i have none at all


Yeah I can definitely beat you

Gigabytes used on your device?


you don’t want to know my lego collection (2 drawers full and half the living room floor)



You beat me


Three whole tub fulls of legos about as big as a small table I think I beat yall


I think my LEGO closet that falls on me when I open it speaks for itself


It’s January and I’m still wearing Halloween pajama pants


Wowww I’m making a wb on my gt




I tagged you to one on an old post so we don’t get trolled


Anyone else want to be tagged?




meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee please


Ok sorry