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This is my POL necklace, @CoderOfMagic.

It’s not as fancy as yours, but it is the first one ever made for my comic.


This isn’t really that related to anything. You coulda posted this on you GT instead of making a new topic.

Put this on your GT and tag a regular when you want to recycle this topic… I’ll leave it in the lounge until then.


hey @CTS, you didn’t have a gt so i put this as one

is that ok?


Thank you! I only started here a couple days ago, so everything is a bit confusing. It’s great!


Cool! I love stones, so that must be Amathyst!
It doesn’t matter how fancy @CTS I went all out


Lol. I’m drawing a pic of the necklaces. Do you want to see them?


Yes please @CTS
Djslslsdk posting random letters to get past 20 characters


Also can you chat with me on whiteboard?
FWI since my profile is hidden, here is my GThttps://forum.gethopscotch.com/t/any-coding-tips/48241?page=2


@014 hummus



I think that might be the wrong link? :wink:


Hola @SarcasticTvHead


I’m glad you got a gt.
You should post most of your stuff here now :))


Hola cómo estás?


Yeah I changed it


Bien y tu?
Me gusta el emoji :cowboy_hat_face:


Ehhh estoy regular.


El prophecy es mucho


groku tv! (insert the akragalith or whatever term for how are you i haven’t invented yet)


I’m pretty sure you know as much Spanish as me and I don’t know much lol

I’m on the “I like I dislike” unit in my Spanish class


Hehe lol. I can help with Spanish lessons