Crush Memes And Projects?!



Recently, I have noticed a lot of memes about "When your crush kisses you", etc. Does this seem acceptable to you? Why or why not?
Please reply with your answer! I don't think this is appropriate for Hopscotch, personally.

  • no
  • yes
  • idk...
  • kinda



Why the heck would they post it on here?

I mast know this


I don't think that it's very appropriate for the community saying that little kids are on there


I'm not sure, but I see it in people's favorites and newest all the time.


slowly claps wow, nice going people

Where do you see this activity?


Just all around.


I don't think it's appropriate for hopscotch


This isn't appropriate.

If you see this on any project, even a drawing pad, report it. If the drawing or text or game or whatever is innapropriate in any way, report it.


Yeah... I don't think that is very appropriate for hopscotch. It isn't important and appropriate for kids.


I don't think it's appropriate. When @OrangeScent1 invented her meme project, it spread like crazy, and became a trend! It was a creative and a one of a kind project. Although, I don't think she would appreciate it if people were using it for "crush" memes. Understandably, the purpose of memes should not have anything to do with crushes! There are kids under the age of ten playing HS!


That's been bugging me too, they took my meme template and started making these wildly innapropraite memes that went along with some not-so-appropriate drawings either.....


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But this isn't the app to display such emotions, especially when they're drawing very intimate drawings with it...


Agree! Not really appropriate for Hopscotch. Please report :slightly_smiling:


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Exactly! A lot of young kids are on there!


Many of those memes have bad words, and I'm not sure how to control it.... My remixes is always full of the memes with that kind of content, but I'm trying my best to go through them everyday and report the bad ones


That could be possible, but people have been make inappropriate projects that don't have any relevance to coding or HS. :/
@OrangeScent1 here's a like! :heart:


I understand this, but it's not exactly great for Hopscotch. It can influence those feelings onto others who's parent's may object to that!


We will! Thank you for the advise. :slightly_smiling: