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Hello! I am Miku. I absolutely love hopscotch! I play it on my school ipad all the time! But there's the problem.... School---Ipad. I can't play when my school Ipad is taken for the summer. I have a phone that's google play and a kindle fire that is amazon. Both are android and not ios. I would like to see hopscotch come to android. That would be amazing! But that's just my suggestion. Thanks!



Lots of people would. There are a few topics about this already, however.
So please search before you make a new topic. :smiley:


I totally agree, all the android users can not play Hopscotch. The THT needs to fix it:)

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Yes and here is already some of these topics

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I just saw them after I made this. Oops :slight_smile:


You can always recycle or close the topic! No worries!


Some free coding apps you might like for Android are,
Pocket Code.


That's sad! You can play projects from your browser if you have access to the project link, but you can't make any HS projects on Android yet. It would be cool, and Liza has talked about it before in this post:

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Thanks! Just one problem... where is the link to play from the browser?

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You need to have a link to a specific project to play it. To find a link, you have to find someone that has posted a link to a project here on the forum (or somewhere else). If you want to try it out, here is a link to one of my projects: