Crosbyman64's “STAR-LINK: A Platformer” Beta Testing Topic

o my g thats a lot of storage space :0

This is what i done

“Im sure you need to add low detail mode, cheif.”
(Cant make video)
10 fps, poor
14 fps

The tile decor doesn’t really do anything that crazy… but yeah, 70 tiles versus 30ish? May be the main reason why the game is no longer compatible with your device…

I cannot reduce that, btw…


Area 3 is coming soon, which introduces buttons & doors, breakable platforms, and the “ground slam on bounce pad” mechanic. Just got two more to design before it goes live to the community…

If you’d like I can give you a sneak peek of the levels I have added.

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“No longer compatible”
Maybe remove bg effects and make everything simple

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That would make everything kind of boring, don’t you think? Also, the background is just two image placed on top of each other. The base image is Nighttime, and the overlay is Daytime. The main cause of lag is the amount of tiles I used to make this happen (70 tiles), where at least 69 of those is required to generate the levels correctly. One solution would be to purchase a better device, but I know you don’t have the time nor the money to do so.

My old way of testing tiles would’ve made your device instantly crash Hopscotch due to the massive lag spikes (For me it was 42-45 FPS, for you it probably would’ve been a critical 1-4 FPS, even at only 30 tiles). Been trying to find some things that I can reduce without removing some of the features or design this game has, but apparently nothing seems to work. I also cannot test for the massive lag you get because I don’t own an iPad Mini 4.

What FPS do you normally get with a freshly made draft?

Just do

When Game is Playing {
* increase Frame by 1

When Game is Playing {
* wait (1 - (1 / 60))
* set text to (Frame)
* set Frame to 0
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I have a RegEX example somewhere. It basically tests the difference between the laggy OR conditionals and the optimized RegEX OR. I’ll try to link it here later, you’ll just need to instantly press the next near the bottom before it takes over your device. I’ll probably make a small feature in the test project where it instantly changes scenes when it finds it’s unstable…

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Changelog (v0.1.5)

  • Added Hi-Def / Lo-Def Mode Toggle option* (Lo-Def Mode Enabled by default)
  • Added Show / Hide FPS Meter (Hidden by default)
    • Both of these options are available in… well, you guessed it… Options

*for best results when switching to Lo-Def Mode, restart the project. With Lo-Def Mode, the project will not clone the tile decor until you switch to Hi-Def Mode.

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RonAstern123, I don’t expect this to improve your performance, but if it does, then I don’t believe you. Be sure to enable “Show FPS” in Options to see your performance.


Well um
Im stuck on the loading screen :frowning:


Try it again later. That just means the server is down…

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Ok, I have fixed a small bug where the theme said day, when it was actually on “night”/“auto”.

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