CrookedCat6519 Q/A



Hey guys, I am doing a one day opportunity to ask me any question you want about me (for a celebration for getting Mars released today) whether it's my, name, why I chose to be called "CrookedCat6519" or if it is just about a game, I am willing to answer it...I will be online for 12:45-1:45 to answer questions. Hope to see you soon!!!


Why does a round pizza come in a square box?? :scream::scream::scream:


Do you know a turtle's only weakness?
When it rolls over on its back, it can't get back up. So if you take 2 turtles and take hem together, THEYD BE UNSTOPPABLE MUAHAHAHAHA


I think s/he meant Hopscotch questions :stuck_out_tongue:


YEP!!! I am a guy also...and OMG I AM A BIG FAN!!!:cat::cat::cat::cat:


We huge fans lol, liek the one in the living room


@TheBlueWombat81 @CrookedCat6519 hai


What are you making currently?




Well I am making MARS I think it is good enough to get to top featured's coming out today!!! So stay tuned...


A giant game! I may not post for a few days, actually ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


I'm looking forward to it :smiley:


Thanks, My suggestion for pixel art is a cat btw, I saw your pixel art question...


Okay! I'm actually working on Mettaton from Undertale, actually! It's the biggest I've ever made :open_mouth:


Alright, what is your favorite project?
What is your favorite character on Harry Potter?
Who plays Batman?
How was your day?
Do you have any pets?
Why do you want to do this Q&A or AMA?
Do you like milkshakes?
Who is your favorite character?
Batman or Superman?
Do you like singing?
What do you want to be when you get older?
Who is your favorite Hopscotcher?
What is your favorite project made by you?
Do you play the piano?
Do you play any musical instrument?
Do you Hopscotchify any music?
What is your favorite block?
Do you like sports?
What is your favorite book?
Do you like Hopscotching?
Do you like the community?
How many stars would you give Hopscotch?
Who do you follow?
What kind of projects do you like?
How, in your opinion, would a Hopscotcher be follow-worthy?
Is this list long?
What is your favorite movie?
What is your favorite video game?
Do you like video games?
What is your favorite meal?
Do you like polls?
Do you liked being tagged?
Do you like the forum?
How many stars would you give Hopscotch and the Forum overall?
Can you answer any more questions?
Do you like coding?
What projects, in Your opinion, are like-worthy?
Are you friendly?
Are your hands tired?
Do you think this is the end?
What is your favorite number?
Guess how long this took me to write!
How many drafts do you have?
Which one is most complete?
Do you have any ideas for projects?
How did you find Hopscotch?
On a scale of 1-10, how well do you think you are at coding?
Are you on the Friendly Mass Tag List?
If you could, would you add your voice to projects?
What is your like record?
How many features?
Are you still reading this?
How many likes do have on your first project?
What is the meaning of life to you?
Do you play minecraft?
How awesome are blue penguins?
How awesome are rainbow penguins?
How cute are penguins?
How cute are cats?
What is your favorite game you've coded in Hopscotch?
Do you think those questions were Hopscotch related?
Who are your hopscotch friends?
Have you made an animal related project?
How many people do you follow?
Have you mad a Potato related project?
what would you rate hopscotch outta 10000000000000


How did you get the name CrookedCat6519?


Welcome to the forum! You will have limited replies on your first day, so beware.


Ok thanks. Do you like CrookedCat6519, I think he is awesome!


Ok @crazygoat here is my answer...
Don't have one.
Because it is fun to answer your questions.
In what?
A writer.
Yes Alto Saxophone.
Set Invisibility.
I like most sports.
Harry Potter and The Prisoner of Askaban.
11 out of 10.
Too many.
Games mostly.
If they put work into their profile and games.
I don't have a favorite.
I like all food.
Yes, I am thinking of doing one not far from now.
Yes every once in a while.
Yes that is why I signed up for it.
5 out of 6 it could use a following method.
I sure can!!!
I absolutely love coding
Ones that are not remixed, and have thought and heart put into it, it should take you more that 20 seconds to make a game.
That is up to my friends and followers to decide, but I would think of myself as friendly.
2 hours.
I usually keep 20 drafts of games and release 1-5 a month.
I have too many.
Long story, I will post a topic on that today.
I would rate myself a 7
No, what even is that?
No, that would be freaky.
To be famous in hopscotch and succeed at life.
Only one right now.
Yep, its fun to answer :smiley:
IDK like 10.
To live life to the fullest and enjoy even the smallest of things.
Yes I do play Minecraft from time to time.
They are better than the best of any other colored penguin on this earth.
They are pretty good.
Absolutely MARS.
Um kinda...:stuck_out_tongue:
Well, I can list a few, @TheBlueWombat81
Not really.
To many to count.
Nope not a big fan of potato related projects.


Question: Who made the list that crazygoat posted?