Croatian Rhapsody Hopscotchofied


Just post if you have anything else to tell me


k, can you have it done in 1 hr? Or maybe 2


2 sounds good, I'll get to work


k, be sure to add your name in the credits


How do you get the music so much like the real deal btw?


If I worked on it for a week 12/7, maybe I could (with 5 octaves tho)
Since there are only 2 octaves, I'm going to just make am little tidbit of it

Probably the most awesome part in my opinion
( the e minor to a minor to d major to g major)

  • k
  • lol no



How far are you? Can you take a screenshot? :see_no_evil::hear_no_evil:


I'm done, it's not a masterpiece since I had to go somewhere, but would you like me to publish now?


Yes please


Ok I published it


Lol just saw it XD


Got it, thx


Good or naw?


Good! Thanks, :stuck_out_tongue: