Criticize My Channel!



Ok, so I'm being totally honest when I say:

Im fine

With a little bit of criticism, even if it's very... Detailed or heartfelt.
So, I'm open to criticism about my:
Projects in general

(but please don't spam me about not enough code, I'm working on it)

My art

Anything that can help my channel!

Also, you can rate my channel now on a scale of 1 through 10

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Hi can you see my new topic about my new drawing pad because I invite you but you did not come?


May I please make a topic like this too for me??? About my projects? Or can I post mine on here?


Go ahead and make a topic :stuck_out_tongue:


A new one? Yay and can you please check out my drawing club notice I really want you to join after all you are the best person I know that can draw on an I pad!!


Never mind you checked it out sorry!


I love your art! It always cheers me up, and your progress has been WOAH! Like I've already said, it's like your art is at its peak every single day!

If I had to have criticism, it would be to do a bit more programming. That's it!


Yep the coding part is something I'm trying to build up :slightly_smiling:


I think you are going to get to be a really really good coder! You are working do hard! And also off topic but did you get the set done because now I really need it! I can still make one if you don't want to... (The Hopscotch Oscars)


Oh shoot, I'm so sorry that completely slipped my mind! School and food and fevers were on my mind ;-; I have the stage set up, but other than that it's pretty unglamorous.... But I'll give it to you now!


Ok! I'll be ready for it! And I can add more to it


It's good to make goals in life!


Twenty Minutes Later
I love seeing your drawings because they are super duper good! For drawings I think I would work on your side profiles because (from my super short term memory) they don't look like they have a nose.. But since you are obviously a much better and experienced drawer than I am, you don't have to take any of this advice. :stuck_out_tongue:

For coding I would suggest that you try different styles of coding, like making a model or a cooking game or a game like flappy bird. (Who knows, you might have already made all this, Idk)

I love you and your projects, so keep up the good work!


Erm... I think it would help if your people drawings had smaller heads...
They kind of end up looking like balloons. Try to make them more... rectangular? Idk



Thanks! Now I will make the Oscars!


@OrangeScent1 I love your art! And the orange pad! I think that you're pretty good at coding!


So, first of all, you are pretty cool. Good art and codes! I loved your drawing Melting, which reminded me of some of my own art.

It isn't anywhere as good as yours! I think the only way you could improve is maybe a little more coding projects! I understand that you are working on a giant art pad, but still.



Honestly? Your art is absolutely terrifyingly fantastically gorgeous. Your art inspires beauty, and portrays something to look at everyday! I don't have any criticism! As for coding, you're already working on the Anon pad collab, which consists of countless lines of complexed code and values. Sorry, my nerdy side is taking over..:sweat_smile:
Being said, personally I think you don't need any criticism on your channel.


:0 thank you so much! I look up to you in every way imaginable :000000