❌ CRINGE WARNING ❌ The cringey posts/projects topic 😝




Please stay on topic :wink:


Sorry. That was bad cringe XD


I remember this project... I was proud of myself because I changed so much of it and made it myself but really I'm looking at it now and cringing so much xD

And over 600 people saw the cringe DX


Edit: :000 that was 42 weeks ago?!?


So revive I guess.

Here's one on the forums :D

Undertale was kewl back then so I made a little joke with this.



If you need some context...

A while ago, I made a topic, and when I posted it, the title didn't display. Soon after, a few other topics with blank titles were made. I started panicking (a lot), and posted stuff about how panicked I was and how it was "chaos" on basically every topic about the blank titles.

So...yeah. cringes






Im cringy now...
But I cringe tones looking at my first ever topic!
I spelt 'hey' wrong >/////<


I was so cringey when I first started.... aaaaa


Omg I was so cringey in the summer...
:3 I can't believe I used that emoticon and I was all like "I'll give you cookies!!!!" And ewwww


Just look at this.. :confounded:🀒:grimacing:


That's me now...
I'm cringy now and I always have ;-;


You know that guy who... ummmm...


My cringy posts:

every single flagged post I made and every single flamewar post I made in the past

I was never like "fren cool cookies jumpyduckz yea!!!" honestly

And I wish people never judged me for what I did back then .-.


Warm yummy cookies?

What's with how you're using the word "cringe"? Is it the action of cringing? Because if not, you're misusing it.


I don't care
It's not like I'm graded on my grammar no offense


Awesome reply. Needs 100000000000 likes.


Uhhh ok
What are you trying to do? :joy:


Dude, please don't start a fight here about the use of the word "cringe"