Crews in Hopscotch for schools


Can you make multiple crews in Hopscotch for schools? How must you do it?
I want to make 3 crews for my 3 classes.


Are you a teacher?

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I think to make classes, or "crews" you need the school version, which is nine dollars.

Hopscotch is a excellent program to use in schools!


You might have to use the school version. Which costs I think 9 dollars so you would have to do a bit of funding.


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I have the school version.
I've managed to create one crew. But I want to make some more for the rest of my classes. But I can't find how to do this.


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Well the school app cost money!

So maybe ask the principal about Hopscotch and let's she/he will decide what to do


Yes sorry we're all kids here there are a couple of adults on here who play hopscotch but yeah we all downloaded hs when it was free and we've never used the school version! So sorry I can't help but welcome to the forum!


Maybe tag members of The Hopscotch Team? They'll be sure to help. Welcome to Hopscotch and the Forum!

@Liza, @Rodrigo, @Montoya

Another alternative would be to email them at


Sorry, but you would have to make a crew for each account. Then place the kids inside where they belong. So pretty much each teacher has a crew and an account of their own. However they cannot see the other class's work if you wanted that.


Thanks for the info.


Welcome to the forum @krisp1973! Each crew is tied to a specific account, so if you want to have three separate crews, you'll need to create a different teacher account for each. To simplify, you can just add a number to the end of your username.


How do crews work? I've never heard of an educational Hopscotch program, besides the paid app!


It's the School Edition


We are all kids here, and I am not sure how to.....


Crews are like groups teachers can set up for the paid version that allows students to join it and only see and publish where only other crew members can see.


Well they've said it all :smiley:

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You can tag me if you need assistance again, and I'll try to help as best as i can. Just type "@KVJ"


Thanks for the info, Liza.