Creatures of The Forum :00



The Forum is a wild ecosystem, full of crazy creatures like chakins and jumpyduckz. This is your guide to the weirdness of them! Basically, if you're confuzzled about all the stuff with them lately, here you go! :3


- The Jumpyduckz

The name of a group of people on the forum. Jumpy and ducklike. Have an odd sleep cycle.

- Chakins

Chicken-like creatures. Friendly and common on the Forum.

- Nomnoms

Nomnoms are mystical creatures. They come in many different shapes and sizes. They speak dank meme. The only known livining nomnom is the original nomnom named @nomnom

-The Peeps

In the chakin family. Classy and do not like peepos or ashparugush potatoes. Extremely mean to the Peepos. Wish to eat all the Peepos, but are foolish, because then they'll all get fat and they'll be no more food.

- The Peepos

Do not like peeps. In the chakin family. They like wrenches and fashion accessories such as party hats. Allergic to forum. Almost extinct because the peeps are eating them.

- The Ashparagush Potatoes

Frens to all! These mysterious creatures harness the power of the potato. :3

- The Wrenches

Against the Nopes and Jumpyduckz. Yeah.

- The Nopes

Against the Wrenches and Jumpyduckz. They're a bit negative at times XD


Squid-like, denk, and rare. Dislike humans.

- Blurbs

Shy. In the Qusid family. Rare.




Jumpyduckz that are magical and live in water :00

- Phase Shadows

Shy and majestical coders! :00

- Mopes

Magic things who wake up early and always.. Mope :000

- Leafs

Leafs dislike everyone and everything that had to do with anyone. They only like potatoes.

- Rices

Rices are people that like roasting.

- Pingus

Pingus are great artists and great friends.

- Goat chakinz

They are a bunch of coders that love goats. (Including but not limited to the mighty GoatLord)

- The MiracleDuckz!

This is a group of people that grant and give miracles! (Lead by @MiracleShoutout)

- Hoppyduckz

A mystical cousin of the jumpyduckz and the swimmyduckz, these creatures are friendly and love everything.

- Magicul Beans

They are magical beans that speak and are fluent in dank meme. :0
If you eat one you will live to be 16533545265387596758786457352516988588656857456356
89876989866988968678574767467547546533664345232525524125745674756 years old :0000
However, most do not like to be eaten.. Except one Magicul Bean, the only bean on the forum, @bean. @JaggedJeans happily provides translations for every forum post @bean makes. :3

- Hoomans

Disliked by blurbs and qusids. Evil. Common. @razor is evil hooman. fight teh hoomans.

-Smol Nachos

Likes blurbs and qusids. Hates hoomans. Not to be associated with smol TACOS. The only one we know is @AwesomeNachos.

If I made any mistakes or need to add stuff, tell me! :3

Feel free to discuss and code them!

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Thanks! :00

I need to discover a new one... :0


Also the blurbs-


Are evolved versions of Qusids, are introverted and thus don't make public appearances often. Speaks daink meam
Example of a a blurb: @Blurbyblurb


We should discover one together lol :grinning:


u furgot abut teh majestik kip :0000100101
taht's meh


You forgot about the majestic kip :000101001
that's me

;n; my detels won't cooprrt


Wut about the SwimmingDuckz?

They are cousins (I think, maybe brothers) of the Jumpyduckz!



I think we should name it a Potatchakin. They're peaceful, and are always trying to code potato and chakin projects XD

What do you think? :00




Got it, everyone! New creatures edited in!


Phase Shadows
They are majestical coders that are shy and are dank.


thicks :3


So this is what having a busy topic where everyone wants to add stuff is like...


I haz another contribute:


(plz don't judge, i didn't make it up)
People who believe of becoming of a potato
Sorry if this offends anyone.


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I believe this creatures description is incorrect.
I think they are friends with the jumpyduckz or they are they jumpyduckz or something
@Bananadog ples correct meh if I'm wrong.


I GTG, I'll add more later :stuck_out_tongue:


Thanks for the halp, I'll change stuffs soon :stuck_out_tongue:


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I'll make some corrections >:D


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Can you add unicorn potatoes?