“Creator’s Choice”


I feel like the Hopscotch team should add a new section to the game called the “Creator’s Choice.” It’s not like the “Featured” and “Trending” sections, were you have to like them, or the “Rising” section were there is a new creator on the rise, but rather it presents a game that they think is very well edited. It doesn’t have to be necessarily a good game, but it should be a game we’re you can go in the code and say, “wow.” Here are a few mentions for what I think should be on the list for now:

Shadowed Forest By: MurasakiBird

Dark Echo By: @CreationsOfaNoob

SHOOT! Unfinished By: @MagmaPOP

And more…

Tell me what you think. Ok gtg.


Good idea! I just don’t get how the name matches the purpose of the tab.
Anyways, this sounds similar to the Game Changers tab.
Also, just saying, Featured is projects picked by @hopscotch-curators, not determined by likes, and I have no idea what you do to get on Trending, and Rising is projects that may be featured in the future, I think, not always a new creator. Also you don’t have to like things in Trending and Featured.


Yeah what would be the difference between this and the game changers tab?


The only difference would be that a person can choose to put it in it if they created the game


Good idea!

However though, I don’t think THT wants people putting in projects that obviously have no effort put into it, am I right?

So I think that tab should be moderated, kinda like a second featured but only if the user wants it in that tab, then it goes in the second “featured” tab.

Example: A user can submit it into “Creator’s Choice” and the @hopscotch-curators or THT can put what the user chooses (if it qualifies) in there!


Oooo that makes more sense. Would be cool if you could click on someone’s profile and at the top beside their name and avatar, it would show someone’s “creators choice” game.


Yes a much better idea


It doesn’t have to be one of the best games ever, it should just be edited cleverly, which is what most people overlook.


From my understanding of trending, if you get a certain amount of likes/plays in a certain amount of time you get there. Because it would be trendy. So trendy stuff goes in the trending tab. (At least I think…)


I phrased them wrong, I meant that the featured and trending tabs are just tabs that have interesting drawing and games.


This would be an awesome idea!


It would be highlighted at the top of their profile
No matter how old