Creative Writing Contest!



So, what this basically does is you, people of the forum, will participate in a writing contest. Do not flag, because I'll incorporate the winner's writing into a game with the story! I'll only take so many people and today or tomorrow I'll start round 1. I will ilminate (i spelled it wrong) some people every round. The winners get secret prizes, and their winning story inside my game! Inspired by the people such as @LotsaPizza who did a simalar contest. Have a good day!
Lilac Blossoms


@CreativeCoder should join the creative writing contest


Yah, I saw that contest that @CreativeCoder won.



I'm busy with a lot of things right now, so idk if I'll have time to.


I'd love to join! Do I have to do some entry?


Nope, just say you would like to!!


Idk, I tagged you because it's s creative contest, and your username matches


That seems about right XD


@PopTart0219 stop that