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Here's the new topic...

To new people, read this...


Hello hello! Welcome to the official TeamCoderz Studios topic, if you are a new member, you might want to join us. Here are the requirements to join TeamCoderz Studios.

Tap me for requirements

Those indicated with (MUST) are necessary requirements.

You must have at least 2 of the requirements (Excluding those indicated as MUST)

  • Has 20 likes on a project
  • Has 1 Project on either Featured, Trending (begging of followers and like doesn't count), Rising or Game Changer.
  • Has been hopscotching for at least 6 months (MUST)
  • Ability to make clones do exact rules as original/other clones (MUST)
  • Ability to do Fade In and Fade Out without tutorial (after seeing this)
  • Ability to make controls (Tilting control, Button control, etc.) (MUST)
  • Ability to use values PROPERLY
  • You are in another Company

Requirements does not affect existing members

If you meets any of the requirements, and you have an email:

Write and post your random phrase here,

Write the phrase again in your email with your Hopscotch name and Forum name,

Email us at:

Rules and Regulations

Tap me for Rules and Regulations
  1. No begging of likes or followers projects

  2. Do not be mean to one another

  3. Help others if needed

  4. Participate actively in projects

    4.1. Unless excused by Leader or Co Leader

  5. Treat one another as you would like to be treated

  6. Have fun!


Leader: @comicvillestudios
Co-Leader: @CamMakesGames
Members: @hopscotch_king
@DragonLover975 @Hermione @GiraffeProductions @SabotageWarning @JonnyGamer
Beta Testers: @Isaacwotwot @Phase_Studios
Time tracker (New Role, give estimated day to finish the project): _______
Youtuber+: @DanTDM

Member spots available: -nil- Spots available
Beta Testers spots available: 1 spot available
Time Tracker spots available: 1 spot available


When emailing your entry, state your role in the company.


Give a post of our new name below...


Can I be the time tracker?
Or a beta tester?
And the pass doesn't work!
Should I e-mail you?



Slow down slow down:sweat_smile:

Time tracker and beta tester is up to you!

The password though.. Hopscotch's password system is quite sensitive.. Just an example...

The password is

Lolmynameisweird (not our real password (TRY THAT HACKERS!))

But you type in...


They deny the access...

If you liked, you can email me again thought the given email..




e-mailed you now!


Boom... Sent the password...




Can I be the time tracker?




I was away for 2-3 weeks with error 403 forbidden... I just had to turn cookies on so I'm back!


I am glad you want to change your name so you don't clash with ours (TeamCoders). Anyway, how about:

The Matrix Busters!

No? How about:

The Binary Hackers!

Still no? How about:

The Nerdy Potatoes!

Yeah, that was a joke.


No, no, and no...

Oh, and I didn't know you were one of them!

How bout a poll

  • MaxiCode Industries

  • MaxiCode Studios

  • Creative Minds Company



I will join. Can you add a famous YouTube rank? And I'm in it? Thx

  • YouTuber+

  • YouTubeF

  • FamousYouTube

  • YouTuberExtreme



Why not!


Thank You So much!!!!!!!! :+1::+1::+1::+1::+1::smile::smile::smile::smile::smile::smile:


Can you add the rank to your post with @DanTDM at the end of it? Soon? Thx!






Can I join? I have a project on featured (and how-to's but no one cares about that anymore). I've been on the JonnyGamer account since August 2014 but I've been on hopscotch before there was a community. I'd love to help!


Sorry of the late reply, my answer is