Creative Coder's AMA (continued from app)


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Okey XD

What's your favorite letter in the alphabet?

What's your favorite number?

What's your favorite part about Hopscotch?
I love how you can do nearly anything, and be amazed when you're done.

What do you think should be changed or added in Hopscotch?
ADD CLOUD VAL—oh, no clue XD

Do you like the newest update of Hopscotch?
Sorta. It has its flaws, but the color blocks opened up way more possibilities of things to make.

Do you like the iPhone version?
I haven't gotten a chance to try it. I broke my phone, and I'm using my old one, but I wasn't able to try it out much.

Who is your favorite Hopscotch character?
Bert the Hut XD

What's your favorite block in Hopscotch?
Create a Clone

What's your favorite HSB or RGB color?

What's your most used ("frequently used") emoji?
Apparently it's ":heart:️" for giving likes when I have none

What's your favorite emoji?
Just look at that face

What's your favorite project made by you?
I dunno. I don't really like any of them XD

What's your greatest weakness in Hopscotch?
Making things work

Greatest strength?
Making things not work

What's the most frustrating thing you've encountered in Hopscotch?
*glares at clones*

Has Hopscotch impacted your life in any way?
It really encouraged me to learn new things, like to try other coding languages. Also, I met all you amazing Hopscotchers! :D

What are your hobbies besides coding?
I like to draw, play piano, write, do sciency-experiment thingies, and...sleep

What's your favorite GIF @Gilbert189 has posted? :stuck_out_tongue:


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Thanks... They're so random and weird though XD.


I have my own question... :laughing:


Hai @CreativeCoder! I have sum questions!

What's your favorite Hopscotch character?

What is your best project?

How did you come up with your name?

What year did you first discover forum?

If you would change one thing about Hopscotch what would it be?


Hai Pink_Roses :D

The hut XD
No clue...
I like alliteration and I knew HS was coding so I made it up on the spot
2015! My anniversary is coming up
Less hate and spammy projects probably...


Thanks for your answers! (:


hello creative [space] coder i have a very important question are u really a creative coder


i exercise my right to remain silent snowman


thats nice