Creative Coder's AMA (continued from app)


(Read before you flag :wink:)

Hey guys. I haven't really been able to keep up with my remixes/requests, especially from this project (my AMA):

I'm going to continue it here where I can keep better track of my messages. So, post questions related to me or Hopscotch you'd like to know (no personal information, obviously). Thanks.


First question: What is your favorite color?


Cyan, specifically HSB(180,100,100). That's why I use it in most of my announcement projects :slight_smile:


How did you start hopscotching.


What is the meaning of you're life????


My mom saw an article in a magazine about Hopscotch and she said I'd like it. I tried it and...yeah.






@Stampys_fans Yes.


Do you have any collabs??????


I'm in:

-Phase Studios
-My collab (we don't have a name yet)
-Snow Company
-SnowCode Company
-Mature Club/Company/Collab
-Crafters Club/Company
-The CubicTeam
-Strike Force Kitty collab


Do you want to by in another one????




Mine... :flushed:🤗:relaxed::blush:


Yeah..what's your collab?


Stampy's fans@hopscotch (what's your email so I can send you the password



Which is my non-private Hopscotch email. I can't promise I'll be on very often, however.


I think I sent it now


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Maybe, but don't spam it everywhere :wink: