Creative Arts Coding Club



The Creative Arts Coding Club is one of the many coding clubs in hopscotch. Here, you are free to share your ideas, creations and drawings.

Why is coding important?

If you think of it realistically, there are more jobs than what any kid could imagine. Most of those, are definately better paying than all of the jobs the average child would've thought of. However, most of the better paying jobs require the knowledge of coding

Joining this club, you will know more about hopscotch coding, and when you are done with hopscotch, you will know more about real coding, too. Hopefully, if there are people who know real code and would like to join, I ask you to tell me, and please teach others. Not only is this club a fun, friendly, and sharing environment, but I would like it being as well, educational, while still remaining fun.

Why those jobs?

The jobs that pay good pay can have the comfort of your own office chair in your house, as well as more breaks than many other jobs offer. Now because of technology, most kids have become lazier. But don't worry, it is okay to be lazy, but you can still remain lazy, while being innovative and creative from your own home, even at your own career. (If you know the power of coding while youre an adult.) All of this, can make work not like your imagining; fun. If kids tell you that you're a gold digger, ignore them. The way the real world works; is money. Ask THT, if you don't believe me. It's amazing what technology is today, and by the time we're grown ups, we could have the same, boring technology. Who can change that? US. This is why I want you to join this club, this is quite offensive, but if we criticize ourselves, we can do better things in a shorter period of time. Believe me, I know. Based on "back to the future," we were supposed to have hoverboards in 2015. But, we didn't. We had them in 2916, and they didn't hover. Yes this is just a movie, but this could've been created if we got up from our couches, turn off the TV, and start coding! Join this club, if you want to try to make a difference in the world, or if you aren't interested, try to make a difference in another way, if you chose. The world really hasn't changed that much anymore, so lets change that, too.



Management of the club. Ask to work in management, and tell what you will do. I will reply to see if you are approved or declined. I have a right to decline.



Moderators will make sure that others are kind to each other, and dont disobey the forum rules, either. Ask to be a moderator.


@AJCode @WynterDiamond

Premium Members will have some power in the club, to be a premium member, you need to have exeperience with a real coding language, and be on hopscotch for at least 5 months. (Not the forum) Tell what language you know, and ask to be a premium member. i have the right to decline.

Premium Members

None Currently

Standard members of the club, sharing their ideas and creations, and viewing others, too. Possibly set collabs, and chose your partner. To be a member, simply just tell me.



If you have any ideas for this club, please tell me, it just may be accepted.


I know the hidden details are messed up, for now it will just be for show :wink:


So how do we apply for the club?


Read under "Roles"


Ok thanks, I'll go ahead and do that


Hi! I would like to be a moderator, please. Is there any form that I need to fill out?


Nope, it is all easy peasy lemon squeezy!


Okay! Is there anything that I can do?


Just so I am not bothering anyone, whenever I save, is the mass tag list repeating?


Just keep on the lookout on this forum post, I don't expect much action on here until a few days, however.


Not for me... at least I'm not getting any omtl notifications, if that's what you mean.


May I apply for moderator/management? Thank you.


Sorry, we are not applying any of those at the moment, we are only letting members and premium members, because we have too many moderators compared to members (2:0)


i can join but am I able to do art on paper? I can be a member and will try to do the challenges #smiles




I'm a writer on Hopscotch. But I still code a game at the end of each book.