@Creationsofanoob would u like help in making solid blocks/minecraft?


I've quickly played through the "Minecraft" games made on Hopscotch.
I think yours is the most impressive but there's no collision detection when digging/standing on the blocks, so the players character walks through the blocks and there's a lot of lag
You mentioned about maybe making a terraria type game.
If you would like help in making solid objects/ground that can be digged/stood on and not walked through, i'm offering to help.


Yes, the ones I made are very laggy. I believe the reason is that I used "when __ is touching", since it often creates lag.
I don't really understand what you mean by this, though.

I know that the character seems to be swimming slowly through blocks, and I am thinking of remaking the whole game, because I want to use different techniques.

I'd be glad to hear your ways of making "solid blocks" :D


Thank you, by the way :D


Yeah, I'm using what @CreationsOfaNoob and it takes a while to resurface. It's kinda like the blocks are made of gooey chocolate. Anyways, I think COAN should be able to help :thumbsup: