Creations Of a Noob beta testing



I'm on featured!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Hi @Skyfrost!
I have not actually released something to beta test for a long time, and currently I don't feel any need of having specific beta testers. Thanks so much for asking though!

Hmm, I never actually uploaded that version of the car game :thinking:
Maybe I should...


Ok, thank you for responding :slight_smile: - SkyFrost


Could I please test​:upside_down::upside_down::upside_down::upside_down::upside_down::upside_down:


SkyFrost is my friend


I’d love to, but I can’t access the community within the app ):


That is sad. Is that because you don’t have WiFi? Or does it simply not work for you because of a bug or something else? If that is the case, try emailing The Hopscotch Team. Also, welcome to the forum! I hope that you have a great time here!


Thank you! It’s just a glitch with my using multiple devices at once. I think they used to have different versions and now it’s updated but just really buggy online.


Okay, I understand. Weird.