Creations Of a Noob beta testing



Wait nvm this is an olddddd topic


Do you have the link?


Not yet, I haven't made enough to beta test :slight_smile:


When do you think you have made so much so it's finish to beta test!
You don't need to stress


Maybe tommorrow, or later today.


@CreationsOfaNoob, so you know how to drag code blocks in the new update?


What do you mean?


I figured it out! If you put a code at a place and need to change the place then you drag it to a another place and that was what I didn't understand.


Can I be a beta-tester? :slight_smile:


Yes, but after this I don't think i'll accept any more people, since I don't want to many people to be able to see my early access games :slight_smile:.


Ok! :slight_smile:




hi ...


I still have that project in my drafts. Don't ask why.




Do you need to test anything?


Are you working on anything? Maybe that I could test...


Can I Betatest, or is it already full. I could help with the people who can't get into the app:)Thanks,


Can I beta test, or is it full?


I'm not a beta tester, but I think that you should add a truck to select from the things I've heard. Or a taxi, just something that is different.:slight_smile: Thanks for reading,