Creations Of a Noob beta testing



Umm... @CreationsOfaNoob, look how far you've come!
Link to first project:


Ok, I'll check it out! Is it ok if I play it on iPhone, or would you prefer me to test it on iPad?


Same with me. I can't drive the car. I'm going to try it in the app to see if it works or not. :sweat_smile:


I tried it out. I really like the car color feature!
Two problems, though:

  1. It was kind of difficult to understand the directions at first. Maybe you could add a "How to Play" somewhere in the screen?

  2. I don't like how some items aren't sent to back (i.e. the newspapers). The layout doesn't seem that great when they're like that.

Just some ideas! If these issues were caused from lag, I understand. Other than that, the game was really great!


Can I be a beta tester or is it too late to sign up




:grimacing: Played it three times and it crashed each time. Maybe simplify code? My iPads not all that old...?


Wait whaaat 100 weeks ago?!?! Thanks for reminding me!


Can you give me some screenshots?


I found the car really hard to control


You're welcome! I'm probably one of the only ones who have the patience to go down there!


Ok, I tested the car game.

I have a pretty old iPad, but the game worked great and never crashed.

I even found the secret feature that you mentioned in the newspaper!


Overall, the game loaded quick, and never crashed. I found the car hard to control tho..


Thanks so much for the feedback!


I am regular now!


Yay! When did you get it?


3 hours ago!


Do you have something that we should test?


In a couple minutes, you can test my 3D game!


Thank you very much!
I still have your Ghykiloo project in my drafts


I did the exact same thing lol, I made a beta testing team, which reminds me I might need to start working on balloon popper again