Creations Of a Noob beta testing



Wow, thanks! Tag me when you need me!

Also, I know a lot of people talk to their beta testers via email, so I was wondering, do I need a email for this? Cause I don't have one...


@hopscotch_king when will you be Regular again?


idk. @Kiwicute2016 knows
EDIT:locked at member. she is contacting @liza


You don't need email.
But I wish there was private messaging on HS Forum.

@hopscotch_king ask her.


Ok, thanks! I think you can send private messages on the discourse forum, but I could be wrong!


I think so too, and it would be great if it came to this forum.



If we need to, I could make a account on the discourse forum, and the other testers could also! Then we can private message!


Nah, it's not that important. But thanks for suggesting and helping!


Ok, whatever you want! Please tag me when you need me to test something!


Yup you're in :smiley:, but as i said,


I will turn to regular in 11 or 12 days:)


Yay! :smile:


Here's the first testing update. Please do not play it unless you're a beta tester. Thanks :slight_smile:.



Oops sorry @Dude73 forgot to tag you :grimacing:!


Can I be a beta tester, or is it full?


All thinks is good without when you cahange the car color to blue or green! Maybe it's lag! Here is some pictures!


Um…I can't even beta test it!
It's like the car game version that got on Featured—it bombs me out when I try to play it!
Also, I see you added a car color change thing.


In the web player, this happens. Is it supposed to or no? I don't think it is.


Tap open in app. Try playing it on an iPad and thanks for the feedback!


Thanks for reporting :slight_smile:! Only thing is, this is a glitch in Hopscotch which I tried to fix (at least build around it), but it doesn't seem to work :pensive:.


It's crashing for me so give me a second to get in...