Creations Of a Noob beta testing



490 or something. Not too hard!


Nope! I'll save a place for you :smiley:.


No, not really.... Probably in a month or so, because I started a week ago.:cry:


Ask @Kiwicute2016 on her Regular(badge) checkups topic!


Thanks! But really, I hope I can get it soon....


I will, but I'm not regular yet, I'm almost.


Can I be one @CreationsOfaNoob?

I'm a regular go and check my bio


Yup you're a tester!


Do you know when you will get Regular?


Could I do this? I have an older iPad, and some of your games don't work on it, so that can be a big help!

I'm also leader, I think that's good for you :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Can you add to me the list please? :D


@Kiwicute said something like 800 posts and 1000 topics. I can't exactly remember though,


@PopTart0219 you're a Tester :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:!


How do you know how many topics you will read to be regular?


Could I beta test? I'm a regular!


Ok. You're in :smiley:, but until you get Regular, you will probably not be able to test wip games, cuz I think i'll announce them in the Lounge, so that not to many people more than the beta testers get to see them. Hopefully it won't be to long till you get Regular.


I won't accept that many more, it's 13 now I think.

I'll maybe raise the limit to 20 people. Maybe.


Yup @bluedogmc-official you're in :smile:!


Can I be a beta tester?


how about me? i was regular