Creations Of a Noob beta testing



They can. I've been using this technique for a long time. But thanks anyways! :grinning:


@Paydent12 you're accepted!


I recommend yours instead! :slight_smile:


School device is glitchy.... PatisserieGirl is trying to help me, because my friends got it easily, but me, not so easily.

EDIT: Temporarily deleted hopscotch What does that mean I can re install!

PS- When I get the update, I would LOVE to be beta tester!


Could I beta-test? Even if I'm not a regular XD


@CreationsOfaNoob You can do that too by sending links to their emails!


Yes. Yes I do. Please.


I love your games! Are there any beta spots left?


@RubyStars and @Bubbles4Ever929 you're beta testers!


YASSSSS thx bruh. I am happeh.


@Sensei_Coder, do you know when you'll turn regular?




Soon, I need to read some topics and then I'll be Regular!


I'll be a Beta Tester! I mean, I have the update(DUH) and would really like to test somethings and add onto them! It would be nice if you could do that, @CreationsofaNoob!


I can beta test! I can also give you tips and ideas! (And if you need music I can make you some)


Yay! How many topics?


Do you know when you will turn Regular?


Can I be a beta tester? Sounds really fun! :smile:


You're in! :smile:


Yay! Thank you so much! :smile: