Creations Of a Noob beta testing



Do you want to test my games and updates before I release them?

In this topic, I will announce some of my wip games and updates.
If YOU are interested in beta testing them, please tell me below.

If you sign up for beta testing, I will tag you when I have a project to test. Then, you can report bugs, suggest improvements and stuff like that.
You don't have to play every single update that I announce here, but I would be happy to get some feedback.
It's also good if you are Regular on the Forum, since the Lounge would be a better place to share the links.
I will only take in about 10 beta testers.

Beta Testers

@Malie @bluedogmc-official

Friendly mass tag list



I wish I could, but I'm unable to get the update. :confused:

I still love your projects! Good luck finding testers!


Thanks​:blush:! And why can't you update? :confused:


Some school iPads sadly can't update :frowning: I'd like to be a beta tester! @CreationsOfaNoob
My home iPad has the update!


Cani be a beta tester


I would love to be a beta testa, but I am not the worlds most experienced coder, I would love to test though as your projects are awesome


Can I join? I would love to beta test!


Ok @tankt2016 @Sugarisyummy @smishsmash @WinningMonkey you're beta testers! All of you are Regular, so that's good!


Yay :blush::blush::blush::blush::blush::blush::blush::blush::blush:


Yay! Where do we start?


Umm..... How do you do that?
Not bragging but I have a method. No pressure but do you wanna know?


Do what?


Yay! Thanks @CreationsOfaNoob!


Like the betatest thing?


I'll upload a link and they'll hopefully play it.
What's your method :smiley:?


Just curious, will the other non-betatesters will see it in your account?

Just curious. I will say mine to you after this.
Tags @CreationsOfaNoob because the reply thingy kinda doesn't work


Sorry for the delay, the iPad died (battey).
I'll upload the projekt, get the link and delete the project. Then i'll paste the link here.


Yay thank you!


I could test! :smiley:


Okay. I was kinda thinking if they can access the game because it is deleted.

Here's my method:
1. Add a banned word (I recommend not to add swear words, just banned words that aren't bad like "leaving")
2. Publish it to Hopscotch
3. Give them the link
• Other hopscotchers that look in your account won't see the project because it is in the filter (again, this is for the betatesting, no offensive words must be used here) but others with the link can access the project and play it. The only downside is they can't like it.