Creating too many visible clones leads to a womp

1 sentence description of the problem: If you create a lot of visible objects, whether by cloning an object other than a blank text or by having them use the set image block, the project womps very quickly and needs to be left and re-entered in order to continue. This appears to be some sort of memory leak, because letting my example project down below run in the browser for a few seconds quickly uses all my memory.

Steps to reproduce the problem every time:
(Start in a blank draft if possible)

  1. Add an object that is not a blank text
  2. Have it clone when the game is playing
  3. When object is cloned, wait a bit then destroy

I expected this to happen: The project to keep playing indefinitely, though maybe with some lag

But instead this happened: It doesn’t even get to the maximum object limit before womping.
This uses set image to get an even faster womp.


With this project:
tapping the screen will slowly create 600 clones. In the app this womps after about 60, and in my browser it goes up to just about 7gb memory usage and stays there, even long after all the objects are quickly destroyed. Although after a few minutes with the tab focused it does very slowly go down.


I have experienced this… just look at these comparisons (takes longer to womp, but still womps on mobile)

Lag test (player 3.0.0) (will eventually crash) by Crosbyman64

Lag test (player 2.2.3) by Crosbyman64

The difference? Player 2.2.3 uses pixi js v4.8.6, and player 3 uses pixi js v7.2.3 (which is surprisingly worse in terms of performance)…

Also, all of my links seem to be corrupted (missing OpenGL tags), and I can’t do anything about it.


with just 60 objects this takes more memory than the 2.2.3 version with the full 4096


thats crazy :skull::skull:


What do you mean


its a bug with hopscotch/the forum where all c.gethop links for hs projects are not showing correctly the little preview box - unlike explore.gethop which is absolutely fine

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Ah ok so open graph meta tags
Not opengl
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Yeah, I got the two mixed up…