Creating LOS or flashlight shadow



Like this:

Also, set the speed of the clones high.


I got it to work!! It’s just really laggy


Yeah, that’s the only problem. If you want, I could remix it a bit optimized.


Sure that would be great!


the real question is can you code real time ray tracing in hopscotch


That is exactly what I am working on right now


Do you want to help?


i might be able to but idk if i can help that mutch


Ok sounds good
You’re great at coding


If you’re still interested, here’s an optimized version. I put all the collision detection in one rule, increased the distance rays move each step (to cut down on steps) and decreased the amount of clones. The project looks roughly the same, I mostly focused on getting the framerate as high as possible without too much sacrifice in terms of quality.


Yup. I found it, and I am using it. I made a version so you can move the light source