Creating Logos For Others!



This topic is where hopscotchers can create logos for others using code, drawing pads on Hopscotch, and paper! Just remember to be on-topic :grinning:

Here is an example of what this topic should be used for:

You can also create a request forms for hopscotchers to complete so that creating their logo can be easier :smiley:


I love my logo and this idea! It's really cool and they are all amazing :smiley:


I see my username! XD
I'll make one for somebody, but I'm doing HW so I can't do it now..


Could please have one?


Sure, I'll create one for you :grinning:!


My most famous projects on hopscotch are logos!




@Stampys_fans, would you like a theme? I don't really know how to design a logo for your username :grin:


A group of people holding up a rock.



Could I please have one? They look cool!


Can I Have One Also?


@RubyWolf1 and @Pokemon101, I'll create your logos for you!


Thanks @Berrymelon!!!


WOO WOO! THANK YOU @Berrymelon!


Do you know how long it will take?


If you're not too busy, could you make one for me? :grinning:


How About In Your Notebook Like In The Main Post?


I surely can make one for you, @Lightningstrike! And @Pokemon101, I am drawing the logos in my notebook :grinning:


Ok thanks! You don't have to rush with mine. I bet it will be awesome!


May I have one, please? I think that it would be interesting to see what you can come up with! (^^; )