Creating large scale maps

I was just wondering on how one would make a large scale map, like legend of Zelda (super Nintendo version) on hopscotch. I don’t have anything yet I just need help with making it.
I will make another topic with a tutorial for it when we figure it out. I’ll take projects or just advice / code bits
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I don’t know how, I will think about it and respond once I have done an example. I’d probably use clones of a single object, maybe two objects. Would you want to be able to zoom in/out? What would show up? How much would show up?


Well I made a project with that feature! Hope it helps!

In the top right corner, there’s a map, check the code of that cube


I’m not sure, but i’d like to see how to do this as well!


Depends on if you mean rooms or a minimap of the surroundings

If you somehow mean rooms, check out my #HHC18 Escape Game Part 1/2


I’m pretty sure that this will depend a lot of what you are going to do or what you want to do. The project type, the map size (both the minimap and the actual game map) and more will matter in this case.

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Was this solved/may I close this topic?


Even if this is resolved, what if someone new has a question about the successful method?



I finally finished remaking the 2D world test project. Have a look. Hopefully this is what you had in mind.

I may make a more in-depth write up of how this works. But that’ll take a while, so for now see how much of the code you can follow & let me know any questions you have.


Sweet! Thanks! I’ll take a look. The more in depth discription will be great

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@leaders you can close this, don’t archive tho. I’ll let you know if I want it open again :))

Hey @Mindcool24-
If we close a topic, we don’t just close it, we archive as well. If you ever need it re opened, feel free to ask in the leads q & a topic :slight_smile: