Creating a hopscotch comic book!



So, last night I had the weirdest dream. There was a comic book involving formumers (I think HS has taken over my dreams lol). But this gave me an idea...... Why CANT we make a comic involving forumers going on some sort of adventure? Well, that's where you guys come in hand. There are three professions to sign up for.


Stories usually start by coming up with characters.

Nickname (what you want to be called):
Skin color:
Personality notes:


Next step is writing. This is the most important part, as it adds a story.

Sample story (can't be longer than a paragraph):


The final step is putting the story into comic book format with drawings. Use the information given when people sign up to be a character to draw them.

Sample drawing:
Sample comic:

NOTE: sadly, we can only have one drawer, so the styles don't conflict

please do NOT flood this topic with things like "how is this related to hopscotch", as it involves forumers AND is related to creativity


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Please use the updated OMTL. I temporarily took myself off.


I literally copied it from the topic JUST NOW.


Oh. You copied the topic.


Hmm..... That looks good, I'll consider it....
But the first thing we really need is characters.


You're in, but if you don't pick clothes eventually the artist will have to come up with your clothes (but that would work out if you were the artist)





I don't like sharing my appearance :confused:


Well then how are you gonna be drawn.......?


It can be an OC?


What I never said that........


my bad. A lot of people aren't comfortable sharing their appearance. I'll take away my character sheet.


I mean I guess you could put an OC it just doesn't make much sense


never mind then. I'd rather not share personal information.


I mean it's not THAT personal but......
I feel like a creep now......


Great idea! I'm doing this!

PS: It also happens to me that HS takes over my dreams


Here is the filled up character form ^


Your both in!


Nickname (what you want to be called): Mei
Hair: Blue(In Pic)
Eyes: Yellow (In Pic)
Skin color: Blue..? (In Pic)
Gender: Fem
Clothes: In Pic
Other: Black Mask-Like Facial Marking (In Pic)
Personality notes: A Bit Of A Crybaby, Very Immature. Basically An 'Annoying Little Sister' Character. It Could Be A Running Joke That I'm A Fox-Dog Thing. XD

(Here's How I Look XD)