Creating a draw pad



Hi guys, I really really need help. I'm creating my own drawpad and I have ALOT of questions I wanna start taking request and not having to remix others draw pads, so here are a few things I need help with.

*Switching trail color, I don't want it always to be black, when I say, when square is taped change trail to blue or something nothing changes help.

  • Secret colors. I have absolutely NO idea how to do this at first I was like, they probably just used invisibly shade but no, please help.

  • getting rare quest , how did poptar and Orangescent get so many requests they get overwhelmed when I get bored!

Changing trail width. Same as the trail color when I do when *emoji is tapped change trail width by, *1, but nothing happens help needed.

I know I sound like such a noob right now but I just want to draw without bugging people by remixing their projects, thank you for wasting your time on my concerns, BlueOcean.


@BlueOcean Have you started a drawing pad yet

If you have could you please give a link


Hi! Draw pads are fun to make! For secret colors, look up HSB color finder, then you can find any color and its HSB numbers. For example, if you found: HSB (10,40,30), you would copy and paste exactly that into the color selector. Hoped this makes sense!


Hey! I've made countless pads - I used to take art pad requests with the amazing @AmazingAlphaAquaWolf. So I can totally help!

Trail Color Switching.

We use values for this. If you have experience with them, good! If not, you can still do this!

First, make an iPad value. Call it whatever you like!
Next, we make a new text block. Use your Kana keyboard (acces this in settings>>keyboard>>add new keyboard>>japanese>>kana) and choose an emoji.

Now, make a "when play button is tapped" rule. Set the color to whatever you want the trail color to be. Make it grow or do whatever else you want. Now make a "when character is tapped" rule. Add a "set value ___ to __" block. Almost there!

Remember that value from earlier? Tap the empty circle, and go to your iPad values. Select it, and tap into the area for the number. Make it set the value to any number, and remember it. I would try starting with 1. Now, tap out of the block's rule, and tap onto your pen.

Add a new rule, and press "more." Scroll down and select "value ___ equals __". Now, put the value from earlier into there, and the number you chose into the second slot. Go to the Drawing pad and tap more. Select the "change trail color" and set the color to your color from the other object. Repeat this with other blocks, but make sure to change your number and color every time!

This is so long!

Secret Color Hack!

Credit to @Valgo:zap::zap::zap:️ for this amazing hack.

First, go into Safari and look up "HSB Color Picker." I use this site, The link is right there.

Look up your color, and choose whichever one looks best to fit what YOU want. Let's say we choose dark green. You tap the color, and scroll down to where it says "HSB". Hopscotch uses HSB color codes for their colors, so we do too. Now, select it and copy it into your clipboard. Make sure you get all the numbers!

Next, go into Notes and paste it onto a new note. It should say something like (1, 2, 3), but with different colors. Tap in front of the first parentheses and type in "HSB". Add a space after it, and select it. Copy it into your clipboard, and go into Hopscotch.

Go into your "set color", "leave a trail", or other block. Select the color, hold it, and press paste. Try watching the Video if you don't get it


Okay, for secret colors, use the Secret Colors tutorial video. And we use a site called for HSB colors. Don't ask what HSB colors are, you'll find out in the Secret Colors video.