Creating a circle help



Hello! I was experimenting with sin and cos yesterday and was able to make a program that makes a circle. Here is the code:

You can see the project here:

I was wondering if there is a more efficient way to make a circle with a custom length then this.
Now at first I thought of doing this:

But you cannot define a custom radius/diamiter using this method. I was wondering, is there a faster way to create a circle with a custom diamater then my method?


You can also do it like this

I tried it and it works perfectly


@PrettyBallerina The problem with that is, as I stated in my post, you cannot define a custom radius/diameter using that method. I actually did solve my problem, but I can't get into my account and therefore can't get the project.


Errrr ok I guess!!!!?


Hi @BuildASnowman here's another way to draw a circle with custom diameter:

So here is a circle with a diameter of 300 (which is the width of the purple dot) and an outline thickness of 10 (which is 300-290=10).

It's basically a big coloured circle dot, then a smaller white circle dot inside.

The downside with this though, is that it will erase whatever is underneath your circle (because of the white dot that is being drawn over the top).

I think your method is the best one for custom radius/diameter :smiley: I have not tested it out but do you find it a bit slow or something?


That's such a cool idea I've never thought of! Thanks!


Reviving This Topic As Its Super Helpful
@BuildASnowman Please Don't Get Upset At Me Because
It Will Help A Lot Of People That Don't Know Sin and Cos