Create your own quote! Contest!



So, I need a quote ideas for my project. So I created this contest.
I will announce the winners, which are the quotes i might consider, on May 16th
Good luck!
And, try to create your own quote!
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A strong person is a person who cries the self to sleep but wakes up with a smile on their face...

Imagination is the only thing you need to be sucsess full in life...

Learning Together Inspiring Sucsess...

We Learn from failure but not sucsess...

Sometimes if a plan doesn't work it is not the theory that is important it is the idea behind the theory...

What I dream is the plan of what I must do in the future...

I was born to be good but I wasn't born to be perfect...

It is the personality of a person that shows the true character, not the outside beauty of the person ...

It is our failure that proves our sucsess, and not the sucsess that proves our failure...

we never have as much as we would like but we always have more than we realise...


What is the project. Idea for theam qoute? I might help. Sorry, cant spell today.


I did not write this quote:
"Be yourself. Everyone else is already taken."


I made up this quote.
Even in the deepest depths of the ocean, humanity must be buoyant.


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Here's some that I created! :D

"Make your own trail, as it can lead you to your success, but remember, there will be convincing paths of failure along the way."

"Life is like a book, with a beginning and an end, packed with events and circumstances that make the book hard to pull away from. Some books, like lives, are smaller than average, some very long, some packed with pictures, and others packed with boring words. Sometimes, on occasion, a book, like a life, can end, but make itself a new sequel."

"A frown can wear off, but smiles will always be contagious, no matter what."

"A friend is like a blanket, it make you feel warm and protected, and feel loved, even in the darkest situations."

"Hate is a bad seed, and with every bad word, comes a new drop of water added to the seed. If you continue, the hate will bloom into a new flower, which stays with you forever. But, if you suppress that flower with kind words of hope, the flower will turn into a weed, and diminish forever."

"If you feel like you're having a bad day, don't worry, there are a million more days left in your life to fix everything."

I hope you like these! These are only some quotes that I made! :)

I will edit this more if I have any more quotes! :D


Your mind is like a parachute it won't work if it isn't open


I didn't exactly make this up, and it is funny, not empowering.

I did not trip and fall. I attacked the ground and I believe I am winning.


I made this one up:
You can shine in the darkness just let your light shine.


Be You.
No one else can be you.


Even in the darkest of times, one can remember to turn on the light- Albus Dumbledore.

Working hard is important. Everyone wants to win, but there's something more important than winning and working hard: Having confidence and believing in yourself.



it is the key that fits the lock of everybody's heart


"Don't be inappropriate hopspcitch is only 3 years old"


That's factual and kind of bossy. Also there's a few spelling mistakes there. :wink:


Okay and it's not bossy if I say

"Please be appropriate!"


Here is one that is good!
"The best coding is hard coding"


It kind of is because what if someone can't handle not doing potty humor?


A person with the biggest smile, has the saddest backstory???


"Unlike most things when life goes down you don't"