Create-a-your choice!



Hey guys, it's RubyMax, and I'm going to be creating a series of create a ____. For example, create your pet, create a derp, etc. do you think I should, or should I make something else?


If it is from your imagination, go for it!


But what??


Whoops! I read it wrong... If you like your idea I suggest you to continue but if you don't then make a new project! (I hope I read it correct this time :confused:)


Oh, okay
Have u ever gotten on featured??


Sorry, I am saying "thx" way too many times.


Welcome to the forum!!


I have never been on featured for me


Thanks. Any suggestions?


Create a cupcake.


I'm determined to be on featured at least once.
My new game is g-pulse.
I don't like to branch too much, but I do it.


oh wow that is a really good idea! Thanks spouse!:slightly_smiling:


How do you say "you're welcome" like "thx"?
Yr wlcme?


I'm going to


It's 3 digits or maybe more


Have you read the bone series?


Wow I didn't realize how random that sounded


I never new that was random