Create a Flower! (Game feed back!



Hi guys!

I made a game, and I was wondering what you guys could give constructive criticism about!

So, here’s a quick Poll!

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  • Bad
  • Okay
  • Could be better
  • Found a glitch/bug
  • Feature Worthy
  • Ordinary
  • Original

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Things I suggest:
Setting a limit on the HSB value pickers
Putting an H, S, or B over appropriate value pickers
Changing the “CrEaTe” button to a simple “Create”
Try making it smoother and faster
I also don’t see the whole flower-vine thing.


The flower vine is the thing that surrounds the flower : )
Thanks, will keep in mind!


Honestly this is feature worthy !!
Although it’s still a wip, right? Because I can’t seem to get the HSB downthingys to work. Other than that it’s awesome! And I love the color scheme!


Yep it’s still a draft!
(Oof thanks before you came the rating was a two, I don’t care but I felt so bad)


Oof it doesn’t deserve that
Or even 5
It deserves 22/10

Maybe someone didn’t realize it’s a wip


@A_Metalhead could you tell Fea to help get the H S B arrows on the top of the left side of the screen after you press play to work?
Credit will be given

Edit- SO SORRY for tagging you, I fixed it
Truly sorry lol



I like it, it’s very well made.
However, there’s a bug where any number above 0 can’t be decreased in the hsb selector. It’s a minor bug. Maybe more secondary colors?
Other than that, it’s exelent and feature worthy.


@Petrichor @CodeHelp @A_Metalhead

The H S B arrows in the top left after you press play won’t work
Can you guys make them smoother and make them work
Credit will be given(unless you don’t want any)



I’ll take a look at those ASAP but I have to go right now


The project is really good so far, I think, especially for being a draft!


Actually I don’t have to go because I forgot it was

Time to take a look at the project


I looked at it and nothing seems to be wrong with the code…


Yeah sure.

I might not be able to do it but if I can’t, I’ll ask Fea to do it. I’ll tell you who did it when I post the link here for you