Create a blog on a Website!

Create A Blog Of Your Project On A Website!!!
The Title says it all…so what basicly happens:

  • You create a blog or review of yours or others projects (Or you can create a blog of yourself on the app)
  • Post it on this topic and tag me
  • I put it on the website

Ya thats basicly it. @TeamCreations


actual website or website project?


both…hmmm might make a website project on hs though


Isn’t it just like hopnet (btw… i was thinking of putting it online…)


So, basically, we write a review on others’ projects? Or is this just a blog about yourself? I might need a little more information :slightly_smiling_face:.


I would like to do this, but I need a little bit more information.


Oh wait… sorry i read it as bio instead of blog… i don’t mind then

Its like you create a review of your project

Yes that is it you can do both

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Great! Just checking. I’ll get started on something. Does it need to be coded on Hopscotch, or can I just write it as a reply to this topic?

reply please thanks

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That’s great! I’ll start up a reply draft.

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