CreamBlissey, My New Drawing Account


Hey Guys! I Have A New Drawing Account Called CreamBlissey. Please Check It Out. I'll Mostly Be There. You Can Request For Me To Draw Anything. I'll Try To Draw It. I Made A Topic Where You Can Request So Please Request There. Thanks! My Main Account, G&U, Has Been Renamed To PeachyCreamBliss, But You Can Still Call Me G&U Or PCB. The Topic For Requesting Is Called 'Does Anyone Want A Themed Logo' Because I Was Taking Requests For That At First, But I Opened It To Anything Else. You Can Request Here Too, If It's Easier. Bye!


@CreamBlissy is not an account tho

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It's on HS.


I'll check it out soon :slight_smile:

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I'll check it out
Also, it makes things a lot easier if you don't capitalize every word :+1:

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Ok, I'm sorry. I'll stop.

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It's on Hopscotch, not the forum.


It's fine! It's just easier to do if you want to

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