Crazygoat points system



Hai! I'm making a point system like @Anonymous has! :D

You get points when you are nice or positive + stuff like that!

I'm only doing regulars, since there are WAAAAY too many People xD

Prizes! yay!

10 points: 15 likes on hopscotch and 10 on forum
Likes! YaY!
20 points: 30 likes on hopscotch and 25 on forum
More likes!
40 points: Likes on all of your projects and 100 likes on forum
0.o A LOT of likes
60 points: Logo Request
I'm really good at logos... trust me!
75 points: Illuminati Request
Just cuz they are fun!
90 points: Project Request
remember that I am not a magician with code!
100 points: tutorial request
Again, I'm not a magician
110 points: 2 person collab
I can do loads in a 2 person collab!
150 points: you can help manage this point system! woohoo!
just don't be biased or anything!

I cant think of any more prises, comment if you have an idea!

Oh, yeah, you automatically join if you have that 'regular' thing next to your name!


Nobody... Okay :frowning:


Il try it!


I'll give it a go! :smile:


I'm doing this! This actually seems better than Anonymous's version. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

I musht get 150 pointz


le repeatedly traded in 40 likes


I think it's spelled "prizes"? And I would like to join.


May I please join!????