Crazy Quote Chain Game!



Okay, all you do is quote the reply above you and also continue the conversation they had going. Ex:

Ok, the post below this one will be the starter! Please don't quote this post.


standing by,
Also the helpful Hops


I can't believe how easily people can Code!


What be the point.,.? Meh

I know! The simple block method means no syntax errors!


Uhhhh, hi? I guess? Have you seen my machine?


Yeah I got second like! It's really cool!

This will get long.


That's the point! It will be funny. I wonder if there is a limit to quotes in a post. Well, we may reach the character limit.


I just read this sin and cosines comp. it says you are one of the leaders.


Woah, @KVJ! That's cool! I can't do sine and cosine.


Me neither. Should I make a tag called


No. If i can you can.


Yes, but there is something called stupidity. And it seems like I'm the only one who has that.


I just altered something.


Everything is TheRealBlah!


This is a great idea! xD


Of course it is!



I liek cheez. Booom.


Everything's a good idea, whether the outcomes are good or not is a different story


Tru dat. Oh gord I'm gonna get tons of notifications xD