Crazy moments that I won't forget!


I know I could've posted this in the post you whoa moments topic but this is just so crazy I just made my own topic about these crazy moments!
I just saw these!


Plz just post in whoa moments :wink:
P.S. Thats amazing!!!!!


Sorry it squished them together cause I uploaded them at the same time!!
So it might be confusing!


I did! @happyfacegirl :wink:


Wait omg @Caramel_Puffin I just noticed that you were caramel puffin on hopscotch

Omg no joke I never thought about it omggg



I guess I never technically came out and said it.
Adding that to my bio, now.


Just post this in post your woah moments XD No need for a separate topic.


Can someone merge this?


Just becuase you have out this in with moments as well doesn't mean you need a separate topic :smiley:
But cool!


I'm in your activity!


I know!!!!