Crazy Hopscotch Cartoon!



I've decided to make a little Cartoon on Hopscotch! The cool thing is, you get to make it by replying!

How it Works

Ok, im going to reply to this topic saying "Once upon a time", then it's in your hands! Make a story by adding on to the replies! Make the reply a sentence, and be creative!

I will be making a Hopscotch Cartoon out of the finished story, and I bet it's going to be AWESOME!!


Yay I cant wait untill you started this (the other one finished before I can do much)


Lol right befor I post my topic about my cartoon you do! XD ROTFL


Once upon a time!

Reply on!


There was a pug a blue pug!


And he loved potatoes!


He was Lord Voldemort.


But he's a pug... A pug can't be lord Voldemort.

Edit: can he? Cause he'd be an ugly pug... (Honestly don't like Voldemort but I love pugs)


He ate unicorns.(so random XD)


Pug Voldemort! Okay?


One time he ate a unicorn and threw up a rainbow. So he walked over to the witches hut and stole a cake because unicorn throw up (unfortunately) doesn't taste like you would think


And hopscotch crashed...


Then pug Voldemort lost his project about potatoes and was very sad, but was able to get it back because he only had the text of a potato so far


He met 3 new people Alvin,Simon,and Theodore.They are new to hopscotch


Then Theodore farted and said pizza toots! (Lol IDEK)


They joined the forum


On the forum they decided they wanted to become Bill Nye

Edit: I will do this dare! How long does this last? @friendship2468


It lasts two days. Then Pug Voldemort said that he wanted Donald Trump to shut down Hopscotch Forum. He Avada Kedavra'd Justin Bieber's girl from What Do You Mean.
This is a dare I hate JB. JustinBieberFanxoxo


I think I'll end here! I know weird ending, but I'll make it so pug Voldemort saves the hopscotch forum with a potato gun!
Your free to close this @PopTart0219, @Anonymous or @Kiwicute2016!