Crazy Crawfish Emoji Art


Hey Hopscotch! @Crazy_Crawfish here. On Hopscotch, I've started to make emoji art and take emoji art requests? Any questions or requests? Ask here or on the app!


Hmmmm.... It would be cool if you made the hopscotch logo out of emojis!
I am not a pro at making stuff out of emojis, and I love seeing what other people do!
PS- That cool draw thing you made that got featured is soooooo popular at my school!


That is going to be super cool! And again, congrats on getting featured!


You do lots of Hopscotch at your school I see...I'm the only person on hopscotch that I know


Well, we use school devices and they have hopscotch. I don't really know the account names, and they mainly play projects. I have seen them using your project!


Finished your request!


Great! I'll be sure to check!