@Crazy_Crawfish come back



Crazy Crawfish left the forum I am trying to get her back
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Would you like @Crazy_Crawfish To come back

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You did the wrong slash. It should be /



crazy tagging

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COME BACK, @Crazy_Crawfish!! T-T


She left?


Come back, you will be missed very much,

why did you leave ;-;


Just the forums, if she left both I would never be the same.


I actually got to talk to her and she said maybe later because she doesn't want to make anyone else sad


Wow... seriously? We have a vicious voter here too?! Who wouldn't want her to come back?! Btw, @Kayro have you made amends w/ her? •-•


Yeah totally I mean she still says it is her fault though it is mine


Oh, okay. That's good..
But now she's gone and it's neither of yours fault.. ;-;
Anyways, here's a like... :heart::heart:


You like porings

Fluffles rule



We'll all play nice! :sweat_smile::wink:


Me knows I just wanted to draw that it made me laugh when I saw it on hopscotch