Crazy Coding Club! 16 spots left!



Sorry guys, my iPad is being slow right now silently yelling at my iPad and wifi


I am done. Passcode is 28


Cool! Thanks for saying I'm your favorite hopscotcher. :wink:
You used your bio for your about me section, didn't you?


Yes, I am tired. I am 3 hours ahead of you, remember? I do come up with project ideas easier when I am tired.


Ok guys, I have picked a winner. Unless anybody wants to do final edits?


I am ready.


Once everyone says their ready I'll tell you guys​:+1::+1::+1:


Okay, I might be in bed.


Yea I might tell you guys tomorrow


Hey Everyone! Be sure to check out the new badges! Scroll to the very first post.


Password is 5084


Ok ladies and gentlemen! I have a tie. All of your websites were really good and I can tell each and every one of you that the effort was amazing! But unfortunately it has come to the last two. To make this fair, I'm going to have you guys vote. The winner gets 2 badges and a nomination for featured. But hey, all of you guys get a badge today! Great Job Everyone! The names are not an option. When you vote the results are private so no arguments are started.


Wow, I already have 29 plays!


:tada:, :arrow_forward:️, has been granted to @sophia71205 ! Congratulations!


:tada:, has been granted to @NindroidGames! Congratulations!


:tada:, has been granted to @Houseelf87 ! Congratulations!


:tada:, has been granted to @Kosho! Congratulations!


Heyyy everyone. I accidentally gave everyone the :arrow_forward:️ badge. So I edited my posts and gave you the correct badge. Remember: When you do something to get a badge, let me know so I can grant it to you!


Ooh can I? :000


Sorry I don't know why I just got this notification. But yes you can, only you and NindroidGames can.