Crazy Coding Club! 16 spots left!



But I did just figure out how to make a locked one. #Accomplishment


I wouldn't have if it weren't for the video. I forgot for about a year, then cleared my drafts, found the one I made from the vid, and copied off that.

When 📱 Is pressed
Set (variable)Scroll2 to Last Touch Y

Increase Scroll by (number) x Last Touch Y - Scroll2

And then for an object at the middle at start, put

repeat forever
Set position to X 512 Y Scroll +384


I get half of that, what would the number be for (number) x Last Touch Y - Scroll2


Most people do 2. I did 4.


I will join :slight_smile: (Just don't yell at me when I'm late for a challenge XD)


Your in! I posted the challenge for today somewhere in here.


Did you edit something? The I'm just wondering because my notifications said you did and I don't see the edit. Btw, only you and @KVJ can edit my posts​:+1::+1::+1:


Can I use the one as my bio on there (it is on my profile called -Kosho-)


I added #kiraforprez


Yesssssss! Can't wait to see it!


Oooooooohhhhhh, ok. I was like, did I put that there? Hahaha


I was kinda a noob at coding when I made it so yeah it is bad XD


If you want to you can edit it and fix bugs and all that stuff.


I made websites in Hopscotch since July 2014, before scrolling was possible. In fact, my last project of 2014, and my old profile, is this.


I still probably wouldn't know how to make a regular one.:joy: Oh yea, I followed your old account🤣


Haha. I do that too, even though there is no way to get back accounts that were lost pre password.


Yea, my favorite types of websites are scrollable and locked


Right now I have two accounts. One is my main and one was a collab account but my partner lost her password and I kept trying to tell her the password but she didn't see it and eventually she left Hopscotch


Me too. I have my main one and then another.


Yeah but I can't until school which is tomorrow on my iPad so I have to keep it as it is (I have android right now and i can't download hopscotch on it )