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How did you start hopscotch?


Was this directed to me? Idk :grimacing:


I acctually had it when the iPad 1 came out, when you couldn't make projects and you didn't have profiles :wink: but then I got the app catalog for school on my home iPad and I got it again :smiley: I made an account, abandoned it and created my current one :wink: and ya, hopscotch is most of my life :smiley:


Who gave you the idea to start coding


Great question! Ummm. Idk! I stumbled apon scratch, then changed to hour of code which got me really excited, then I found hopscotch and I was like "WOW" and I started coding :slight_smile: @Kayro it was my dad :wink: who got me interested in coding


Yeah, it was.
Good answer!


Thank you @LazyLizard


/ \

How Nice you should get a nice post award