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Hi! This is my topic about me! I'm talking about news, new projects, Collabs, q & a (hopscotch related question and answer!) and more!


I am making a carnival with mini games game!
Improving Popsicle maker
Making a phone simulator and a my profile!


Jumprope reginal competition may slow down projects because MUST PRACTICE FREESTYLE! So ya, but otherwise I will be publishing on my regular basis :wink:


Rubywolf, Fluffles with Gilbert (still expanding with more people, enter on the Fluffles page!) backgrounds club with @Intellection74 @LazyLizard @smishsmash @RubyStars :smiley:

REMEMBER TO ENTER FOR @LazyLizard coding partner contest!!!


We are making an iPad!


Cool! I came with that idea this morning, but it's going to take a while because of some other games like Popsicle maker! I know it will come out awesome!


Our too, we have about 20 drafts and we never work a lot on all of them...:cold_sweat:


That happens with my drafts, I make something, then I make something cooler and I forget about the other ones :sweat_smile:


Yeah, We are the type of Hopscotcher that publishes then unpublishes cool projects.


I love this!

Maybe you could advertise my search for a coding partner as a commercial. :wink:


Great idea :smiley: I would love too


Thanks! Anybody can apply on my topic. Don't worry, I won't work anybody too hard.


@smishsmash you can apply on my topic!